Irish Traditional Polkas

Polka Title
Aileen Bonner's Polka
All the Ways to Galway
Andy Boyle's Polka
As I Went Out Upon the Ice
Astley's Ride
The Bakerswell Polka
The Ballinahulla Polka No 1
The Ballinahulla Polka No 2
The Ballydesmond Polka No 1
The Ballydesmond Polka No 2
The Ballydesmond Polka No 3
The Ballyhoura Mountains
The Ballyvourney Polka
Barren Rocks of Aden
The Belles of Ballinderry
Biddy Martins Polka
Bill Sullivan's
The Blue Ocean
The Boys of the Town
The Britches Full of Stitches
Camptown Races
Captain Byng's Polka
Carroll's Polka
Church Street Polka
The Cobbler
Con Tadhgo's
Cousin's Delight
The Croppies' March
The Croppy's March/Freedom for Ireland
The Cutting Edge Polka
Dan Coakley's Polka
Dan Mac's
Dark Girl
Denis Doody's
Denis Murphy's Polka
Denis Murphy's Polka No 4
Din Tarrant's Polka
Din Tarrant's Polka No 3
The Dingle Wren Polka
Down Beside Me
Doyle's Polka
The Dun Mare Polka
Egan's Polka
Fág an Bealach (Get Out of the Way)
Farewell to Whiskey
Finnegan's Wake
The Forty Two Pound Cheque
From Billy to Jack
The Gallope Polka
Gan Ainm
Ger the Rigger
Gin I Were Where Gadie Rins
The Girl I Left Behind Me/An Spailpín Fánach
The Glen Cottage Polka No 2
The Gneevegullia
The Green Cottage Polka
The Green Cottage Polka No 3
The Guillane
The Harvest Fair Polka No 3
The High Caul Cap Polka
The Hills of Connemara
I Have a Bonnet
I Have Two Little Yellow Goats/Tá Dhá Ghabharín Buí Agam
Jack Reedy's Polka
Jack Ryan's Polka
Jim Doyle's
Jim Keeffe's Polka
Jim Keeffe's Polka No 1
John Egan's Polka No 2
John McGovern's Polka
John Ryan's Polka
John Walsh's No 1
Johnny Ghabha's Polka
Johnny I Do Miss You
Johnny Leary's
Johnny Mickey Barry's Polka
The Kenmare Polka
The Kerry Cow/All the Ways to Galway
Kerry No 1/Andy Boyle's/Hen Dance/Mist on the Glen
Killoran's Polka
The Knockaboul No 1
The Knockaboul No 2
The Knockabower Polka
Lackagh Cross
The Lakes of Sligo
Leather Away the Wattle O
The Little Diamond Polka
The Little Lisdoonvarna
Mack's Rambles
Maggie in the Corner
Maggie in the Wood
The Magic Slipper
The Maids of Ardagh
Mary Ann
Mary Girl Polka
Matt Haye's Polka No 1
Maurice Manly's Polka
Mike Coen's Polka
Mrs Crowley's Polka
Mrs Ryan's Polka
Munster Bank
The Murroe Polka
The Newmarket Polka
Not for Joe
O'Connor's Polka
O'Keeffe's Polka
Ólaim Puins is Ólaim Tae
O'Sullivan's Fancy
Paddy Kenny's Polka
Patsy Baker's Polka
Peg Ryan's Polka
Peigín Leitir Móir
Polka Gan Ainm
Polka Gan Ainm
Polka Gan Ainm
The Rambling Sailor
Do Bhí Mé Lá i bPort Láirge
The Rose Tree
Saint Mary's Polka
Séamus Cussen's Polka
Siobhán Hurl's Polka
The Sliabh Luachra
Sonny Sweeney's
The Spanish Lady
The Sprig of Shillelagh
St Mary's Polka
Sweeney's Polka
Tar Abhaile
Terry Teahan's
Timmy Oconnor's Polka
Tom Sullivan's Polka
Top of Maol
Tourniore Lasses
The Tournmore Polka
The Tournmore Polka No 3
Tralee Jail Polka/ O'Neill's March
Tripping to the Well
Tureengarbh Glen Polka
Up and Away
Up on the Wagon
The Upperchurch Polka No 2
Wallace's Cross
Willie Doherty's Polka
The Wren