1208Captain Francis O'Neill's Collection of Reels.

Music of Ireland (1903) & The Dance Music of Ireland - O'Neill's 1001 (1907)

Reel Title Number in 1903/1907 Collections
The Girl Who Broke My Heart 1176/456
The Humours of Westport 1177/457
The Broken Pledge 1178/458
Repeal of the Union 1179/459
The Milliner's Daughter 1180/460
Paddy Ryan's Dream (McNamara) 1181/461
Paddy Ryan's Dream (McFadden) 1182/461
Music in the Glen 1183/462
The Peeler's Jacket 1184/463
The Silver Tip 1185/464
The Bank of Ireland 1186/465
Take Your Choice 1187/466
All Hands Around 1188/467
The Avonmore 1189/468
The Bantry Lasses 1190/469
The Morning Star1191/475
Big Pat's Reel1192/-
The Merry Days of Easter1193/470
My Mary Anne1194/471
Leave My Way1195/472
A Rainy Day1196/473
Miss Crawford1197/474
The Lame Fisherman1198/-
The Bucks of Oranmore1199/476
The Pleasures of Home (Bb)1200/-
The Mourne Mountains1201/477
The Bunch of Green Rushes1202/478
The Spinning Wheel1203/479
Maude Miller1204/480
The Green Mountain1205/481
The Flogging Reel1206/482
Kate Kelly's Fancy1207/483
The New Demesne - 1st Setting1208/484
The New Demesne - 2nd Setting/The College Grove1209/485
Miss McDonald1210/486
Buckley's Fancy1211/487
Craig's Reel1212/488
Sheehan's Reel1213/490
The First Month of Summer1214/491
The Bloom of Youth1215/492
Johnny's Wedding1216/493
The Youngest Daughter1217/494
The Star of Munster1218/495
The Macroom Lasses1219/496
My Love is Fair and Handsome1220/497
Kitty Losty's Reel1221/498
Captain O'Neill1222/499
The Chorus Reel1223/500
Toss the Feathers (1st Setting)1224/502
Toss the Feathers (2nd Setting)1225/502
The Boys of Ballinchalla1227/503
A Bright May Morning1228/501
The Ewe Reel1229/504
The Templehouse1230/505
The Messenger1231/506
The Day We Paid the Rent1232/507
You Never Saw Her Equal1233/-
Over the Bridge to Peggy1234/508
The Ladies' Pantalettes1235/509
Jim Moore's Fancy1236/510
The Twin Brothers/The New Policeman1237/511
The Flower of the Flock1238/512
The Jolly Journeyman1239/-
The Green Fields of America1240/513
The Boyne Hunt1241/514
The Bush in Bloom1242/515
The Mountain Lark (1st Setting)1243/516
The Mountain Lark (2nd Setting)/The Steam Packet1244/517
Peggy on the Settle1245/518
Colonel Fraser1246/520
The Five Leafed Clover1247/519
The Clock in the Steeple1248/522
The Boys of Portaferry1249/521
The New Road1250/523
Come to the Dance1251/-
The Gooseberry Bush1252/-
Annie O'Neill1253/-
Bridget McBride1254/-
Tear the Calico1255/525
Mary Grace1256526
Dillon Brown1257/527
The Miller's Maid1258/528
The Green Branch1259/529
Colonel Hopkins1260/-
Far from Home1261/530
The Green Linnet1262/-
Colonel Rodney1263/531
The Ships Are Sailing1264/532
John O'Neill's Reel1265/533
Miss Thornton's Reel1266/534
The Merry Sisters1267/535
The Swallow's Tail1268/536
Jennie Rock the Cradle1269/-
The Daisy Field1270/538
Tom Steele1271/539
Dillon's Fancy1272/540
The Sligo Chorus1273/541
The Dogs Among the Bushes1274/542
Peter Kennedy's Fancy1275/543
The Curragh Races1276/544
Bonnie Kate1277/545
London Lasses1278/546
A Ha'penny for a Cotton Ball1279/-
The Goldfinch1280/-
Follow Me Down to Carlow (1st Setting)1281/547
Follow Me Down to Carlow (2nd Setting)1282/547
Dan McCarthy's Fancy1283/548
The Musical Priest1284/549
Ballinasloe Fair1285/550
The Christening1286/551
O'Dwyer's Reel1287/552
The Miller's Daughter1288/553
McFadden's Handsome Daughter1289/554
Cunningham's Fancy1290/555
Mary O'Neill's Fancy1291/556
The Drogheda Lasses1292/557
McFadden's Own Reel1293/558
Johnny with the Queer Thing1294/559
The Blackberry Blossom1295/560
Jim Kennedy's Favourite1296/561
The Flowing Bowl1297/562
Lovely Molly1298/563
More Luck to Us1299/564
The Woman of the House1300/565
Sweet Biddy of Ballyvourney1301/566
The New Mail Coach1302/489
Cahill's Courtship1303/567
The Satin Slipper1304/-
The Pure Drop1305/557
The Snow on the Hills1306/569
Lawson's Favourite1307/570
Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrell1308/571
Roll Her on the Mountain1309/572
The Fermoy Lasses1310/573
The Happy Days of Youth1311/574
Miss Monaghan1312/575
The Merry Merchant1313/-
The Rose in the Garden1314/576
The Old Pensioner1315/577
The Reel of Mullinavat1316/578
MacLean's Favourite1317/579
The Dancer's Delight1318/580
The Minister's Daughter1319/-
Trim the Velvet1320/581
Lough Allen1321/582
Jennie Pippin1322/583
Leitrim Thrush1323/584
Miss Brady1324/660
Peter Street1325/803
The Black Haired Lass1326/585
My Love is in America1327/586
The Dublin Lasses1328/587
The Miltown Maid1329/-
Captain Kelly's Reel1330/588
The Mother in Law1331/-
Beamish's Goat1332/589
Casey the Whistler1333/590
Timothy Downing1334/591
A Cloudy Morning1335/592
The Bottle of Porter1336/-
Thompson's Reel1337/593
The Merry Harriers (1st Setting)1338/594
The Merry Harriers (2nd Setting)1339/594
Pat Tuohy's Reel1340/595
The Boys of Galway1341/596
Don't Bother Me1342/713
The Mason's Apron1343/598
The Cashmere Shawl1344/599
The Old Grey Gander1345/600
Johnny's Welcome Home1346/601
Jenny Picking Cockles1347/602
The Salamanca Reel1348/603
The Star of Kilkenny1349/604
The Sporting Boys1350/521
Tie the Bonnet1351/606
Tie the Ribbons1352/607
The Comely Maiden1353/-
The Strawberry Blossom (1st Setting)1354/609
The Strawberry Blossom (2nd Setting)1355/609
I Have No Money1356/610
The First of March1357/611
Jack Dolan1358/612
Dr. Taylor1359/613
The Man with the Money1360/-
The Money Musk1361/614
I'm Ready Now1362/615
Molly Put the Kettle On1363/616
The Boys of Cappoquin1364/617
The Magpies' Nest1365/618
Miss Campbell1366/-
The Threepenny Bit1367/619
How the Money Goes1368/620
The Sailor's Jacket1369/621
The Ivy Leaf (1st Setting)1370/622
The Ivy Leaf (2nd Setting)1371/622
The Grey Daylight1372/-
An Ugly Customer1373/623
The Dublin Reel1374/624
The Sailor's Return1375/625
Miss Johnson1376/626
Come to the Bottle House1377/-
The Mills Are Grinding (1st Setting)1378/627
The Mills Are Grinding1379/627
The Spinners Delight1380/-
The Maple Tree1381/-
Smash the Windows1382/-
Jerry Hayes1383/628
Farewell to Iveleary1384/-
The Belfast Lasses1385/629
The Lady Behind the Boat1386/630
Touch Me If You Dare (1st Setting)1387/631
Touch Me If You Dare (2nd Setting)/You Rogue You Daren't Meddle Me1388/632
The Flax in Bloom1389/633
The Wexford Lasses1390/634
Pick Your Partner1391/635
The Sligo Lasses1392/636
The Grey Beard1393/-
Nellie O'Donovan1394/638
Robin Redbreast1395/-
The Four Courts (1st Setting)1396/640
The Four Courts (2nd Setting)1397/641
Man of the House1398/642
The Pretty Blue Seagull1399/-
Our Highland Cousins1400/-
Julia Delaney1401/643
The Highway to Limerick1402/644
Colonel McBain1403/645
The Collier's Reel1404/646
The Maid that Dare not Tell1405/647
The Pigeon on the Gate1406/648
Miss Patterson1407/-
Lord McDonald's Reel1408/649
Castle Island1409/-
The Maids of Mitchellstown1410/650
Lady Forbes1411/-
Going to the Fair1412/-
Molly What Ails You (1903 Version) 1413/-
O'Riellys Fancy1414/-
The Rambler's Rest1415/606
Tady's Wattle1416/653
The Old Maids of Galway1417/654
Miss McLeod's Reel1418/655
Sergt. Early's Dream1419/656
Push About the Deorum/Jorum1420/657
Maurice Casey's Fancy1421/658
Young Arthur Daly1422/659
Considine's Grove1423/660
Sleepy Maggie1424/661
Drowsy Maggie1425/662
The Plaid Mantle1426/663
The Humors of Ballinacarrig1427/664
The Harvest Field1428/665
The Green Groves of Erin - Version 11429/-
The Scolding Wife1430/667
The Mooncoin Reel1431/668
Kiss Me Kate1432/669
Lord Gordon's Reel1433/670
Five Miles Away1434/671
Within a Mile of Clonbur1435/672
The Drummond Lasses1436/673
Johnny Has Gone to France1437/674
The Bonnie Boy1438/675
Dooley's Fancy1439/676
The Second Wedding1440/677
The Old Schoolmaster1441/678
Around the World for Sport1442/679
The Bashful Bachelor1443/713
Jimmy's Return1444/-
Mickey by the Fireside1445/680
The Sailor's Cravat1446/681
The Kerry Huntsman1447/-
Coming Over the Hills1448/682
The Reel of Bogie1449/683
The Roving Bachelor1450/-
The Limerick Lasses1451/684
Miss Wallace1452/685
Nora O'Neill1453/-
Early Rising1454/-
The Hornless Cow1455/686
Jenny's Welcome to Charley1456/687
Tit for Tat1457/688
The Lightning Flash1458/689
The Jolly Weaver/Tim the Market Man1459/690
The Ladies of Leinster1460/1460
Comely Jane Downing1461/692
The Maid at the Churn1462/693
A Moonlight Ramble1463/694
Girls Will You Take Him1464/695
Bill Clancy's Delight1465/696
The Jolly Seven1466/697
Dandy Denny Cronin1467/-
Molly Malone1468/-
The Skibbereen Lasses1469/698
The Humours of Schull1470/699
After the Sun Goes Down1471/700
Farewell to Erin1472/701
On the River Bank1473/702
Fair Haired Mary1474/703
The Black Eyed Sailor1475/490
Pretty Peggy1476/704
More Power to Your Elbow1477/705
Green Garters1478/706
Jenny's Wedding1479/707
The Maid of Athlone1480/708
Keeper Hill1481/709
Fair and Forty1482/-
The Butcher's Apron1483/-
Roseland Hill1484/-
Good Morning to Your Night Cap1485/710
I'm Waiting for You1486/711
Sauntering in the Lane1487/-
O'Reilly's Greyhound1488/712
Courting Them All1489/713
The Green Jacket1490/714
My Honey in the House1491/715
McFadden's Favourite1492/716
The Callan Lasses1493/717
Are You Willing1494/718
The Traveller1495/719
Kiss the Bride1496/720
Duffy the Dancer1497/721
The Irish Music Club1498/-
Welcome Home1499/722
The Linen Cap1500/723
The Galbally Lasses1501/-
The Rambling Sailor1502/-
The Contradiction1503/724
The Smoky House1504/725
The New Potatoes1505/-
The Bouncing Boy1506/-
Mollie McCarthy1507/725
Rolling Down the Hill1508/727
The Merry Blacksmith1509/728
Scotch Mary1510/729
Within a Mile of Dublin1511/730
The Cameronian Reel1512/731
Winter Apples1513/732
The Blue Garters1514/-
Shearing the Sheep1515/734
Paddy's Surprise1516/735
The Tent at the Fair1517/-
The Wind that Shakes the Barley1518/737
The Piper's Son1519/738
Turkeys in the Straw1520/739
William White's Reel1521/740
Murtough Molloy1522/741
The Field of Oats1523/742
The Humours of Newcastle1524/743
Monday Morning1525/-
Paddy Murphy's Wife1526/744
You're Right My Love1527/652
The Girl with the Laughing Eyes1528/745
The Lisburn Lasses1529/-
Give Us Another1530/746
Clarkson's Reel1531/748
Northern Lasses1532/747
Rakish Paddy1533/749
The Mullingar Races1534/750
The Jolly Tinker1535/751
Lady Mary Ramsay/The Queen's Shilling1536/752
Little Katey Kearney1537/753
The Maid in the Cherry Tree1538/754
The Watchmaker1539/755
The Same Old Story1540/756
The Fourpenny Bit1541/757
The Jug of Punch1542/758
Leather Buttons1543/-
The Grey Plover1544/759
From Shore to Shore1545/-
My Sweetheart Jane1546/760
Kiss Your Partner1547/761
Corney Is Coming1548/762
The Mountain Rose1549/763
The Women's Rock1550/-
Larry Lavin's Choice1551/-
The Western Lasses1552/765
Rolling on the Rye Grass1553/766
The Four Hand Reel1554/767
Cronin's Favourite/The Flowers of Limerick1555/768
The Steam Packet-/517
The Reconciliation-/524
Jacky Latin-/537
Joe Cant's Reel-/568
Downing's Reel-/591
The Merry Harriers-/594
The Wedding-/597
Kitty Coming from the Races-/605
The Rising Sun-/608
Your Mother's Fair Pet-/615
McFadden's Mishap-/637
On the Sly-/639
Erin's Hope-/651
Molly What Ails You (1907 Version)-/652
The Green Groves of Erin - Version 2-/666
The Primrose Lass-/733
Captain Byng-/736
The Piper's Despair-/769
The Edenderry Reel-/770
The Old Bog Ground-/771
The Absent Minded Woman-/772
The Hag by the Fire-/773
Johnny Allen's Reel-/774
The Maid of Feakle-/775
The Humors of Scarriff-/776
The Rambler in Cork-/777
The Maids of Kilmallock-/778
The Heather Breeze-/779
Cooleen Bridge-/780
Captain Rock-/781
The Tinker's Reel-/782
The Maids of Tulla-/783
The Gaelic Revival-/784
A Ha'porth of Tea-/785
Over the Moor to Maggie-/786
Bunker Hill-/787
King of the Clans-/788
Boil the Breakfast Early-/789
The Maid I Ne'er Forgot-/790
The Honeymoon Reel-/791
The Cup of Tea-/792
Come West Along the Road-/793
The Long Strand-/794
The Teetotallers Fancy-/795
Kitty in the Lane-/796
The Chicago Reel-/797
Mrs. Delaney-/798
Mayor Harrison's Fedora-/799
Miss Fahey's Fancy-/800
Clancy's Fancy Reel-/801
The Shaskeen Reel-/802
Pay the Girl Her Fourpence-/804
Farewell to Ireland-/805